Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Airlines Profiling Assault and Battery Victims:
contact: A. James, Linda James 204 632 5598 e:

Racially Profiled attacked and then framed (see my web with a corrupted jury pool (see Jury Pool below!!) presiding and a judge with a criminal record (Judge David S. Doty)

Threatened and Maligned by the courts.

Here are photos of the corrupt jury pool and my injuries.

(Note: Police have been notorious in their frequent appearances in the news of late relating to profiling, as well as racially motivated assault and battery and conspicuous overrepresentation on corrupted racially biased jury pools where police have been frequently caught lying on stand)
Moreover: Airport Profiling Incidents have been strikingly on the rise with many victims of this hateful indoctrination in the news of late and hostile sentiments augmenting themselves at an alarming rate.

***Seeking Advocacy in our struggle against racism profiling and tyranny:

Racial profiling and descrimination against minorities has a long and tainted history: From the abuse of Malcolm X a symbol upstanding in both Islamic and Black history, Nelson Mandela under apartheid, the trials and tribulations of Martin Luther King and, to the more modern day recounts of the Rodney King Beating and the Profiling and descrimination against Arab born Ahmed Farooq, Mohamed Harkat, and Ahmer Arar, and the incessant racial profiling amongst the airlines industry.